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Tradewinds RV Park Rules and Regulations

  1. Tradewinds RV Park is not responsible for any persons, RV or other belongings.
  2. Surge protector and water pressure regulator must be used for your safety. Locks and any type of cover are not permitted on electric pedestals.
  3. FROM THE MOHAVE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES: All sewer lines from RV/Trailer to sewer connection must have a minimum of 3" drop; lines lying flat on ground are not acceptable. The sewer line must go straight from the RV/Trailer to the sewer without any bends, and must have a 90 degree bend (fitting) at the sewer end.
  4. Speed limit is 5 mph and all traffic signs must be followed.
  5. Quiet Time is between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.
  6. Only household trash is allowed in dumpster. No furniture or automotive items allowed. All boxes must be flattened.
  7. Fireworks are not permitted.
  8. Fire arm open carry is not permitted.
  9. Only propane fire rings are permitted. Charcoal and propane barbecues are allowed.
  10. Generators may be used for emergency medical use only.
  11. Do not make any changes to Tradewinds RV park property of any kind. Including the move of picnic tables.
  12. Only two vehicles per site. Additional ATV/UTV/Golf cart permitted if room. Premium sites are allowed one additional vehicle. Flatbed trailers must be kept secured and covered neatly.
  13. Parking is only permitted in your site. Do not park in neighboring site or vacant site.
  14. Do not drive in any area accept designated roadways.
  15. Laundry is not permitted to be dried outside of your RV.
  16. No structures or changes to RV exterior are allowed without prior written permission. Canopies must be approved by management in writing before placement. Storage buildings and exterior rooms are not permitted. Only covered storage totes are allowed under RV.
  17. Any vehicle repairs must be done in the storage area.
  18. All vehicles and RVs must be maintained. No leaks of any kind and tires must be properly inflated.
  19. All vehicles must have current registration. Registration verification is in March, June and September. After 179 days of your stay.
  20. RV’s must be fully self-contained and functional. This includes tanks, plumbing and electrical.
  21. Absolutely no washing of vehicles in sites. RV’s may be bucket washed or washed by licensed and insured detailing company.
  22. Guests are responsible for their visitors and all persons within their site. Objectionable conduct of any kind, violation of any park rules or anyone causing a disturbance will immediately be asked to leave the park without refund.
  23. Only items on park list of approved items are permitted on your site. See reverse side of rules.
  24. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 while outside of RV.
  25. All signs through out property must be obeyed. Included those posted in building interior.
  26. Pets are welcome- see extended pet policy.

Park Management will interpret and enforce these rules and regulations in a reasonable manner.

These rules and regulations may be modified at any time without notice.

Any updates will be kept posted in the office.

Services are provided under Site Service Agreement. You are not under landlord/tenant agreement.
Theft of services applies.


  • Patio Furnishing- Resin and metal frame only. Patio cushions. Furnishings must be kept in good condition.
  • Decorative Items- Decorative items must be heavy enough as not to be blown around in high winds.
  • Lighting- Lighting is permitted on site as long as it does not shine into neighboring windows.
  • Totes & Garden Boxes- Totes must be neatly organized under RV. Garden boxes are permitted as long as closed and neat.
  • Garbage can- 20 gallon lidded garbage cans
  • Bird feeders- Bird feeders are permitted as long as they are not nailed into trees area kept clean and weighted enough not to get blown away.
  • Wind chimes- Wind chimes are permitted as long as they do not disturb neighboring sites.
  • Freezers – Small chest freezer- Locked, fully covered (no tarp)and off of ground with small blocks or small pallet. (checked on random basis)
  • Ladders and Tools- Ladders and tools can be kept on rear-end of RV as long as the items are well organized.
  • One gas can per vehicle plus generator is allowed. Must be kept in under RV and in shaded area.
  • Children’s toys are permitted as long as they are kept stored neatly when not in use.
  • Exercise equipment with safety measures for that site use only.


  • Unsecured items that may be a hazard during high winds.
  • Indoor furniture such as recliners, couches dining tables.
  • Unsecured and uncovered freezer. Contact manager regarding max size.
  • Excess of items that clutter RV site.
  • Items that block or restrict access to services by maintenance, management or emergency services.
  • Construction or automotive parts.
  • Items covered with tarp.


  • Totes and yard boxes must be kept under RV and must have secured lids.
  • Enclosed trailers -Maximum 12 ft length.
  • Must have current Registration. Must be able to fit in site and not protrude into neighboring site, street or common area.
  • Must be well maintained, have wheel chocks and inflated tires.
  • Tool boxes must be kept under full cover. NO TARP. BBQ grill cover or specialty cover permitted

Management may ask for the removal items or repairs to items located in your site.


All pets must be registered within 72 hours of arrival to the park.

All Pets must be registered with the Poo Prints Program within 72 hours of arrival. There is a $54.00 per pet fee.

Pet owner agrees to abide by all rules and regulation regarding pets. Pets and owners may be asked to vacate with out refund for the safety, comfort and well-being of all guest if rules are not followed.

  • Pet owners are legally and financially responsible for their pets at all times.
  • Only 2 pets are allowed per site. This includes indoor cats and dogs.
  • Excessive noise from any pet is not allowed at any time.
  • Pets must be on a leash hand held at all times unless in RV or at dog park.
  • Electronic leashes are not permitted.
  • Pets are not to be left unattended outside of RV or in dog park at any time.
  • Any pet waste match to your pet will incur a $150.00 fine.
  • Only registered pets are allowed on property. All visitors with pets must get special permission from office.

Pen and Tethering Requirements

  • Pen must be left open when not in use if RV door opens into it.
  • Pet pens must be kept in good condition. Pet waste is not to be left in pen.
  • Pens cannot be over 30 inches tall.
  • Pens are not encroach on neighboring sites or block access to property services.
  • Pens and tethers must be removable and not affixed to any part of the property this includes trees, water faucets and electric pedestals.
  • Absolutely no tethering allowed.
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