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Tradewinds RV Park Guidelines


  1. Use of all amenities is at your own risk.
  2. Speed limit is 5 mph and all traffic signs must be followed.
  3. Quiet time is 10pm to 6am.
  4. All children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times.
  5. Only household trash is allowed in dumpsters. No furniture, satellite dishes, appliances are allowed. Please see office for disposal of other items.
  6. Any use of charcoal or wood for fire rings or grilling must be disposed of properly and fully extinguished by 9pm. Call first as BURN BAN may be in affect.
  7. To insure safety after dark please carry and use a flashlight.
  8. No open carry of firearms or any weapon.
  9. No fireworks permitted.
  10. Do not walk through occupied sites.
  11. No parking in unoccupied sites. Parking in other than your own site will result in daily rate being charged.
  12. All maintenance or nuisance issues should be reported to the office immediately to insure prompt action.
  13. Any visitors staying for more than a 24 hour period must be registered with office. Identification on file required for anyone over the age of 18. Fees may apply.
  14. Generator use is only permitted in power outage with medical need only.
  15. Park does not hold mail for any vacated guest unless postage paid flat rate envelope is provided.
  16. Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any park rules or anyone causing a disturbance will immediately be asked to leave the park without refund.
  17. Tradewinds shall have no liability to family members or guests for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by any persons or pets.
  18. For monthly rental, RVs must be year 2000 or newer, well maintained and clean.


  1. No storage buildings are allowed. Management has final approval to any additions to RV, RV site, site accessories and decorations.
  2. 1 RV/camper, 2 drive-able vehicles, enclosed trailer (max 12'), 1 ATV type vehicle allowed. Any additional vehicles must be parked in storage.
  3. Only outdoor furniture is allowed on site. No indoor furniture such as couches or appliances are allowed. All other items are at managers discretion.
  4. Trash and compost is not permitted on site. You must dispose of all waste promptly.
  5. No clotheslines permitted.
  6. Site must be kept clean at all times.
  7. Any stored items under RV must be covered by skirting, kept neatly in solid same colored totes or yard boxes.
  8. Management must approve of any sewer hose elevation that is non-specific.
  9. Small vehicle repair may be done on-site with managers approval. No vehicle is permitted to be left unattended on jacks or stands. You may rent a storage space to perform any major repairs.
  10. Do not park motorcycles, ATV’s, cars or any other vehicle on floating patios. Please report any cracks or damage as soon as possible.


  1. For monthly rental, RVs must be year 2000 or newer, well maintained and clean.
  2. RVs and vehicles must have current registration and insurance.
  3. All RVs must be fully self contained and functional.
  4. RV’s and vehicles must be street legal and ready at all times.
  5. Sewer hose must be kept properly elevated and secured with no leaks. Black tank treatment or deodorizer must be used.
  6. RV’s may be bucket wash or washed by approved park vendor.
  7. Car wash station may be used for cars, trucks, ATV’s, motorcycles and other approved vehicles.
  8. Boats, trailers over 12', and any additional vehicles must be kept in storage.


  1. Limit of 2 pets per site. Pets are any animal that resides in your RV.
  2. Pets must be walked on a leash handheld at all times by responsible aged person.
  3. Electronic leashes and electronic fences are not allowed.
  4. Small fencing must be approved by management.
  5. Pets are not permitted outside without supervision. This includes personal fenced area.
  6. You must pick up after your pet in all areas of the park including your own site.
  7. Immediate cleanup is required of pet waste on patios. If pet waste is found there is a $50.00 clean up fee.
  8. No excessive noise is allowed from pet. This includes barking, squawking and other loud repetitive noises.
  9. All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records be available upon request.
  10. Pets are not permitted in the public buildings or amenity areas, including but not limited to the bathrooms, clubhouse.


  1. Deposits are not applied or refunded until the rented site is fully vacated and all guests personal items/property are removed from site.
  2. Improper parking- Parking a vehicle in an unoccupied space is $35.00 per day.
  3. Hold over rates are $18.00 per day and must be paid in advance.
  4. Late fees on monthly rentals are $5.00 per day retroactive to the day following the due date if not paid in full within 5 days.
  5. Pet waste pick up removal is $50.00 per offense. On the 3rd offense you will be asked to vacate the park.


  1. Park management will interpret and enforce these rules and regulations in a reasonable manner.
  2. These rules and regulations may be modified at anytime without notice. Any updates will be kept posted in office.
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