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Tradewinds RV Park Guidelines


  1. Electric: Park is not responsible for damages caused by surges, outages or failures occurring from any electrical area to include site pedestal. Guests are required to provide their own protection.
  2. Sewer: Sewer fittings and proper elevation are required at all times. As per Mohave County Code. Inspect your hose frequently. Management must approve of any sewer hose elevation that is non-specific. Black tank deodorizer must be used.
  3. Water: Park is not responsible for pressure increase damages. The Guest is required to provide their own pressure regulator.
  4. Speed Limit and Traffic signs: Speed limit is 5 mph and all traffic signs must be followed.
  5. Quiet Time: Between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am, your neighbor should not be able to hear you or your vehicle. If your vehicle requires, warm up, bring to front of property and do not let it idle in the site.
  6. Trash: There are three dumpsters provided throughout the park. Do not overflow the dumpster. Use another dumpster if needed. NO furniture, satellite dishes or other large items are permitted. All boxes must be broken down or full of trash.
  7. Nuisance issues: Report any concerns to the office immediately to insure prompt action.
  8. Firearms and Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted at any time. Open carry of firearms is not permitted.
  9. Site cutting and parking: Do not walk through, park in or block any site other than you own. Parking in other than your own site will result in the daily rate being charged.
  10. Generators: Generator use is only permitted in power outages with medical need only.
  11. Behavior: Objectionable conduct of any kind, violation of any park rules or anyone causing a disturbance will immediately be asked to leave the park without refund.
  12. Children: All children under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older at all times. Parents are responsible for their children at all times while in the RV park. Children under 14 are not permitted to use exercise equipment or pool table.
  13. Visitors: Any visitors staying for more than a 24-hour period must be registered with the office. Identification on file required for anyone over the age of 18. Fees will apply. You are responsible for all guest actions while visiting the park.
  14. Mail: Park does not hold mail for any vacated guest unless postage paid flat rate envelope is provided.
  15. No Drive Areas: Do not drive any vehicle in through vacant sites, along fence lines or in center areas between RVs.
  16. Common Areas: Follow all posted rules for common areas.


  1. Site Occupancy: Rates include two persons plus one child under the age of 12. Only 4 people per site. Additional fees required for additional guests.
  2. RV/Vehicles: 1 RV, 2 Vehicles (this includes motorcycles.), One ATV/UTV, not including, motorcycles are allowed on site. A maximum of a 12ft long trailer is permitted in substitution of a vehicle. (Only enclosed trailers are allowed for storage; flat beds are for ATV/UTV use only.)
  3. Outdoor Furnishings: Only patio furniture and rugs are allowed. No interior furniture is permitted. Small chest freezer is permitted. The freezer must be locked and covered at all times. (This will be inspected weekly.) You are responsible for any damage your outside furnishings cause as well as hold harmless, Tradewinds for any damages occurred from other guests items.
  4. Stored Items: Any stored items under RV must be covered by skirting or kept neatly in solid same colored totes or yard boxes.
  5. Barbecues/Smokers and Fire rings: Do not place barbecues/smokers on picnic tables and protect patios for grease drippings. Fire rings must be kept above ground and off of patios. Grills/smokers and rings must be fully extinguished by 9 pm. Call First Burn Ban May Be In Effect.
  6. Storage Buildings, Canopies and other structures: Canopies must be approved by management before placement. Stairs and ramps must be approved by management and include plans. Storage buildings and exterior rooms are not permitted. Management has final approval to any additions to RV, RV site, site accessories and decorations.
  7. Trash: Trash must be disposed of promptly.
  8. Parking in Site: Vehicles must not block road ways. Only park in front of RV. Do not drive behind RV or patio. (Unless pull thru-site.)
  9. Site Cleanliness: Keep your site clean at all times. Pet feces, cigarette butts and trash must be kept cleaned up. Weeding will be done at your site using weed killer. If you chose for us not to spray your site you are responsible for weeding. We will come and pick up neatly piled weeds for you.
  10. Vehicle Repair: Any repairs must be done in the storage area. Please contact the office. Absolutely no vehicles permitted on jacks, stands or ramps. Patios: Do not park motorcycles, ATV/UTV, cars or any other vehicle on floating patios. Please report any cracks or damage as soon as possible.
  11. Item Removal: Management may request at any time items be removed from sites.


  1. RV: RVs must always be well maintained and clean. Windows, hatches, exterior doors must be in place. Any window a/c must be neatly affixed and no unpainted wood. Tires must be fully functional and not flat. Tire covers are suggested for protection.
  2. Insurance and Registration: Vehicles must always have current registration. Notification for proof will be requested 1 month prior to expiration. No renewal for expired registration. Vehicles must be insured at all times while on property.
  3. Self-contained: RVs must be fully self contained and functional at all times. This includes all plumbing and electrical service.
  4. Vehicle and RV Washing: Car wash station may be used for cars, trucks, ATV/UTV, motorcycles and other approved vehicles. RV may be bucket washed, prior approval required. Self-contained licensed vendors may be used for RV and/or vehicles as well.


  1. Pets per site: Only 2 pets per site. This includes any animal that is not caged or in an aquarium.
  2. Leash: Pets must be walked on a leash handheld at all times by a responsible aged person. Electronic leashes are not allowed.
  3. Fencing: Small fencing allowed. Fencing must be approved by management. No electric fences.
  4. Supervision: Pets are not permitted outside without supervision. This includes in the personal fenced area. Do not allow your pet to relieve themselves on other property such as tires and yards. (trees are okay.)
  5. Clean Up: You must pick up after your pet in all areas of the park including your own site. Immediate cleanup is required of pet waste. If pet waste is found there is a $50.00 clean up fee.
  6. Noise: No excessive noise is allowed from any pet. This includes barking, squawking and other loud repetitive noises.
  7. Registration and Documentation: All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records be available upon request.
  8. Nonpermissible Areas: Pets are not permitted in the public buildings or amenity areas, including but not limited to the bathrooms, laundry room and clubhouse.
  9. Behavior: Pets are to be kept under control. Do not allow your pet to jump on other guests. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.


  1. Parking in an unoccupied site: Parking a vehicle in an unoccupied space is $35.00 per day.
  2. Hold Over: Hold over rates are $18.00 per day and must be paid in advance.
  3. Late Fees: $25.00 late fees as of the 5th day being late plus an additional 5 dollars per day thereafter.
  4. Site Clean up: Yards cleaned to remove cigarette butts, pet feces and trash will be billed at $25.00 per hour with an hour minimum charge.
  5. Furniture, Satellite and Large Item Disposal Charge: $50.00
  6. Maintenance Fees: Maintenance fees will be charged based on scope of work plus supplies and tax.


  1. Park Management will interpret and enforce these rules and regulations in a reasonable manner.
  2. These rules and regulations may be modified at any time without notice. Any updates will be kept posted in office.
  3. I have read and understand these rules. I understand that I may be asked to vacate without refund for non-compliance.
  4. Services are provided under Site Service Agreement. You are not under landlord/tenant agreement. Theft of services applies.
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